How to Have an Intentional Weekend

Susan Brumbaugh
4 min readDec 3, 2020

Don’t Waste Your Days Off

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By the time Friday comes, for many of us who work a traditional workweek, we are so ready for some time off. But without that structure of the workday and a hugely long to-do list, we can end up “wasting” our precious free time.

In this guided meditation, I help you explore what it feels like to be facing a weekend or a day off and consider how you would like to spend your time when you are truly taking care of yourself and others you love.

This meditation will help you get ready for the weekend (or whatever days you don’t work). Hopefully, you do get some downtime, and if you do, if you’re like many people — including me sometimes — you don’t spend that time as well as you want to, and at the end of it, you’re sort of left with “What did I do, and was that what I meant to do?” Instead, you can use this meditation to tune in to yourself and set some intentions for how you want to spend that time and focus on how you hope to feel when that time is over and you’re headed back to work again.

At the end of the article, you’ll find a link to the meditation video.

Meditation Transcript

I’ll invite you to move your way into a posture of meditation, whatever that means for you. For some, that is sitting in a chair. Some like to lie down. Some prefer to stand, or you might even be sitting on a cushion on the floor. It doesn’t matter. Just pick one and move into it.

If closing your eyes helps you to come into yourself, I’ll invite you to do that. It’s fine to have them open too.

And it’s always nice to begin by acknowledging that we are setting aside this time to be mindful and to not shut out the world (because it’s still there) but to allow some of those distractions, inputs, whatever isn’t the focus of attention, to just move into the background while we focus on using our senses to become grounded in what’s happening right now.

And as we sit here today, anticipating some days off from the normal workday, as we approach the weekend — without getting into planning or mapping out what that weekend is going to look like — just noticing what it feels like to be here today, and to have a different type of day in front of us tomorrow.



Susan Brumbaugh

Susan Brumbaugh is a criminal justice researcher who telecommutes, a licensed counselor, a mindfulness meditation practitioner, and a perpetual learner.